Let’s ALL Play

“For two weeks a year, my son does not have Down syndrome, wear hearing aids, or have difficulty with his speech. He is simply a camper.” – parent

The National Inclusion Project grew out of the dream that ALL children, regardless of ability, should be able to share the same experiences, together. After much hard work, hands-on experience and research, we have created a successful recreational inclusion model that encourages and facilitates community inclusion while benefiting all those involved – children with and without disabilities, staff and parents. Yachad friends

Simply named Let’s ALL Play, this program teaches that the recipe for great inclusion begins with 3 beliefs:

1) ALL children can make a friend.

2) ALL children can participate.

3) ALL children can succeed.

This research-based inclusive program model has been the basis for all of our work over the past decade and has provided the foundation and the framework for over 100 recreational programs in 35 states to bring an inclusive experience to ALL children.

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