in•clu•sion \in-ˈklü-zhən\ noun. 1) the belief that all kids can belong and participate 2) the act of making sure that no child sits on the sidelines.
85% of children with disabilities showed improvement in self-esteem
89% of children with disabilities participated in most or all activities
ALL kids can participate. ALL kids can be successful. ALL kids can make a friend.
83% of children with disabilities made new friends


Interested in becoming inclusive or enhancing your inclusive programs?

Let us guide you through the transition and improvements to full inclusion. We offer on-site trainings, as well as webinars, personalized to fit specific program staff or organizational wide development.

Topics include: Why Inclusion?, Helping Children Make Connections, Building Relationships with Parents, Effectively Managing Behavior, the Power of Inclusive Play, among others.

We want to create a inclusion training program just right for you and your organization.

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