Let’s All Play

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LAP LogoLet’s ALL Play provides the foundation and the framework for recreational programs to bring an inclusive experience to children in their communities. Through training,   staffing, and scholarships, Let’s ALL Play gives children with disabilities the same experience as those without. Children with and without disabilities come together to participate  in recreational activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, community  service, physical fitness and more.

The goal of Let’s ALL Play is to assist organizations that serve children  nationwide in moving toward full inclusion. Since 2004, the National  Inclusion Project has worked with summer camp programs in several locations  to develop the inclusive recreational experience for children with and  without disabilities. Recreational sites now have as a resource a tested,  successful, comprehensive program model supported through our training  module.

One of the greatest advantages of Let’s  ALL Play is that it is flexible enough to adapt to a variety of situations.  Let’s ALL Play has been successfully implemented in YMCA programs,  Boys and Girls Clubs, Parks and Recreation Departments, Community Centers,  and privately-run camps in a mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas.   Most programs offer typical recreational program activities like sports,  team-building games, arts and crafts, drama, and field trips. Directors have reported serving campers with a wide range of disabilities of varying  severities including: intellectual and developmental disabilities, emotional  and behavioral disorders, and physical disabilities.

You can see all of our Let’s ALL  Play partners by clicking  here.

Why Let’s ALL Play?

Let’s ALL Play provides support,  funding, and training for recreational programs that are currently serving  children with special needs and wish to do it better or programs seeking  to open doors currently shut to children with special needs in their  community.  We strive to meet programs where they are.  Interested  programs can be assured that we will work to provide you as much help  as we can.

Let’s ALL Play includes inclusive  modifications that work for programs overall or individuals in your  program as well as inclusive games and activities that benefit ALL children.   Counselors have reported that Let’s ALL Play modifications and games  have made an overwhelmingly positive difference in the recreational  experience for all children.  Children with and without disabilities  have seen dramatic growth in motor skills as well as improvement in  social skills, self-esteem, compassion, and understanding.

What do  I do now?

Great!  We’re glad to help you!  There are essentially  three ways we can help you.

  1. Order a Let’s ALL Play manual.  The Let’s ALL Play manual will prove to be a valuable resource as you are implementing your inclusive program. The manual includes information on Laying the Groundwork, Hiring and Training Staff, Serving Families Effectively, Building Lifelong Friendships, Achieving Positive Behaviors, and Creating Accessible Activities. It also includes sample training activities and forms. Click here to order your copy.
  2. Arrange for a National Inclusion Project representative to do inclusive training.    We are excited to train frontline staff, leadership staff, executive  boards, cross-program staff and/or represtentatives from multiple  communities programs.  The full training module is 4-5 hours. Your staff will be equipped to understand why inclusion is important, how to serve families effectively, how to assist children in creating friendships, how to achieve positive behaviors, and how to create accessible activities. Contact Aron Hall through email or a 919-314-5540 to discuss dates and costs and to make  arrangements.
  3. Partner with us. For programs looking to intentionally  reach out into their communities to make full inclusion a reality, we  have a partnership with funding available.  Funding can apply to  additional staffing, training, and scholarships. Click here to see more about our partnership process.

What People are Saying about Let’s  ALL Play:

“My son with autism attended camp  for the first time this summer. He could speak only two words upon arriving  to camp. With the help of his inclusion facilitator and the interaction  with his peers, he left camp with a twelve-word vocabulary! Most importantly,  I heard my 8-year-old call me ‘Mommy’ for the first time in his  life.”

“Megan’s mom had never been able to find anywhere for the summer  that was affordable and inclusive.  Her mom brought her in for  one hour the first day.  When she arrived to pick her up, Megan  did not want to leave.”

“One of our moms asked us to write  down our techniques for her son’s teachers since he had had so much  success during the summer.”

“My son showed an increased respect  for his leaders, showed less defiance in behavior, and, most importantly,  made some true friends for the first time.”

What We Do 2“My daughter would speak at home,  but not at school.  We assumed the same would be true for camp. On the fourth day of her week, she said her first words outside of our  home in years.  She has not stopped talking about camp.”

“Our son has very poor balance and  motor planning issues.  We were delighted at his excitement that  not only could he balance on rollerblades, but he actually learned to  skate!”

“For two weeks a year, my son does  not have Down syndrome, wear hearing aids, or have difficulty with his  speech.  He is simply a camper.”