Letters from Camp – Matthew

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Letters From Camp – Matthew

From Matthew’s Camp Director:

“What a successful camp experience! A few weeks ago, we had a camper, Matthew, who was obviously very hesitant about being in his group.  Matthew needed a lot of structure and boundaries to help him participate in camp activities because of some impulse control and sensory issues.  Because of National Inclusion Project’s training and guidance, we had staff who knew how to support him and help him begin to make connections with his peers. The next day, the level of support that he needed dramatically reduced to simple re-directions.  Matthew’s peers continued to reach out and included him in activities and helped him stay with the group.  By the third day, we noticed that he didn’t need as much support and advocated for himself to work more with the group during swim lessons.  By Friday, he was initiating conversations with his counselors and eager to stay with his group. Thank you for helping us make a difference for Matthew.”

Impact the life of more children like Matthew today 

*Names and photos have been changed for the privacy of our children.