You did an amazing job celebrating friendship!
We saw over 100 Facebook posts, 1500 tweets and 54 Instagram photos with the hashtag #friendshipis. Our efforts contributed to over 86,000 people talking about this hashtag on facebook July 20th.

Why #friendshipis?

At the National Inclusion Project, we believe that ALL children, regardless of ability, should be able to share the same experiences, together. Inclusion means that:

  • ALL children can make a friend.
  • ALL children can participate.
  • ALL children can succeed.


Making friends is often the fastest way for a child to be included. With friends, we have a companion who is there with us to play, grow and learn. Sometimes for children with disabilities it is hard for them to make friends quickly. By not being included in play activities, everyone misses out – both children with disabilities and typically developing children. The National Inclusion Project has created a model that builds inclusive play for all children, so no one sits on the sidelines.

Need tips on how to help your child make friends with children of all abilities? Click here to learn more.

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