Amanda Lamb

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Amanda Lamb

Amanda is a professional juggler who hasn’t slept in years. She juggles two busy careers along with a family. By day she is a television journalist assigned to the crime beat at an award-winning NBC affiliate, WRAL-TV, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She is also the author of eight published books and the mother of two precocious young women.

Her newest book is a re-publication of the true crime, “Love Lies,” which was first published in 2011. Since that time there have been major legal developments in the case. The new version includes a detailed update on those developments.

In her more than twenty-five years as a professional journalist, Amanda has developed a reputation as the go-to reporter for networks seeking credible feedback and interviews on murder cases garnering national attention in the Southeast. She has penned two other books about murder cases she has covered for WRAL, “Evil Next Door,” and “Deadly Dose.” Her books have been the subject of dozens of national crime magazine programs including 48 Hours, Forensic Files and Discovery Investigates.

Amanda has also written three touching, humorous memoirs about parenting including “I Love You to God and Back,” “Girls Gone Child,” and “Smotherhood.” “I Love You to God and Back” is also available in a children’s version. Her collections of funny, self-deprecating, tender essays take the reader on an insightful journey into the complexities of raising children in the twenty-first century. She also writes a blog about parenting every Monday called “Go Ask Mom” on

Her newest memoir titled “The Living Room,” documents the eighty days she spent caring for her mother who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012. The book is a moving, inspirational tribute about the transforming power of caregiving and how we can all learn more about how to live from facing death.

A native of Philadelphia, Amanda she now makes her home in North Carolina with her husband and daughters. She graduated with degrees in English and psychology from Duke University and obtained her masters degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

You can catch Amanda’s juggling act daily on WRAL-TV or online at, on Twitter and on Facebook.