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OFM CoverMikayla’s  friends have an important message.  This story of acceptance,  understanding and blossoming friendship is one that should be shared  with everyone regardless of age or physical diversity.  It is a story of  honesty and then ultimately trust and the realization that no matter  one’s limits, we’re all the same.

The children have dedicated Our Friend Mikayla to “all  people with disabilities and their friends.” When they chose the  dedication, one of the children realized that might mean they were  dedicating the book to everyone in the world. That is our hope – that  this story will touch lives everywhere.

How can you help them achieve their dream?  Purchase a copy and  donate it to local schools or libraries.  Give one to your child\’s  teacher as a gift.  Volunteer to read the story in a school or library.    These are just a few suggestions out of the many that will touch lives   and make a difference.

Our Friend Mikayla was made possible by a grant from the  National Inclusion Project whose mission is to create awareness about  the diversity of individuals with disabilities and the possibilities  that inclusion can bring. Proceeds from Our Friend Mikayla will   help fund programs for children with disabilities in our schools and  communities. The children’s journey to understanding and friendship  represented in this book is the embodiment of what the National  Inclusion Project strives for every day. With your purchase, you will  help spread the word and make full inclusion the reality for children  everywhere.

For information on how to purchase a copy, click here.



PlayCore helps build stronger communities around the world by advancing play and recreation through research, continuing education, best-practice programs, and advocacy. We infuse this learning into our complete family of brands. We are committed to dedicating our resources to independent studies and research that allow us to develop tools that will optimize play and recreation, promote inclusion for children of all abilities, and  support health, engagement, and community capital.

PlayCore is proud to partner with the National Inclusion Project as your resource for developing inclusive playgrounds.  We would like to share complimentary copiees of Me2℠ and 2PlayTogether℠,  unique resources created by PlayCore in partnership with Utah State Center for Persons with Disabilities and The Lekotek Center, to provide best practices for designing and programing inclusive playgrounds.  Our full service family of brands can assist with a full array of inclusive products to make your project easy and fun! Please call or email me to discuss your playground/aquatic needs and to receive a copy of Me2℠ and 2PlayTogether℠ – email Liz Haggerty or call (256) 996-5018.


43662129_scaled_448x149The Foundation for Respect Ability, was founded by Arlene Berkman of Cornelius, NC in order to create a population of Upstanders. What are upstanders?Upstanders are people   who will intervene when they encounter a bullying episode or an abusive  situation or intolerant behavior, as opposed to a bystander, who does  nothing but watch the event unfold.

“Bullying is an unacceptable act that causes children, teenagers and adults great hurt, emotionally, physically and psychologically. I  started the foundation to help create awareness for the problem and to  offer solutions for all involved by using music to unite and inspire,  along with educational approaches to provide resources and strategies”  states Arlene Berkman, Founder and Chairman of Foundation for Respect  Ability.

The foundation’s mission is modeled after Operation Respect, a world renowned organization spearheaded by Peter Yarrow of the legendary folk   group, Peter, Paul and Mary. It is a unique organization that provides a  gateway to broad scale adoption of school-based character education as  well as social and emotional learning (SEL) programs.

The  Foundation for Respect Ability offers events and services to address the  concerns of parents, educators and students regarding bullying in every  form.

According to the American Justice Department “one out of four  children is bullied and every seven minutes a child is bullied on the  playground. In addition six out of ten children are bystanders on a  daily basis while in school”.

Sid Krupkin is the organization’s Director of Education and is also  an educator and musician. He is the featured performer along with other guest artists, and is conducting concerts and awareness programs  designed to appeal to children, teenagers and adults. Sid says, “The  event’s musical program was chosen to create audience interaction and  allow people to connect emotionally and practically to these pressing  issues. The music will range from the folk tradition of the 60’s to the upbeat modern songs of today. The inspirational song “Don’t Laugh At  Me”, written by Allen Shamblin and Steve Seskin, has been a catalyst for   hundreds of workshops around the world and it is also the theme song  for the concerts.”


Interacting with Autism  is a video-based website that presents the most reliable evidence-based information currently available on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This website is designed primarily for those on the spectrum and their families, as well as educators and healthcare workers, to help them make informed choices about what approaches might be most effective for any specific individual diagnosed with autism. By making this information accessible and documenting how it is currently being used by actual families, the website strives to offer hope about what is possible for those on the spectrum. We are especially interested in reaching families from ethnic communities and economic groups who are usually under-served and whose children typically do not receive early diagnosis. For that reason, the website is bilingual—accessible both in English and Spanish.


Theravive is a network of therapists and counselors ready to meet your personal and family needs. We will help you search for and find a qualified and specialized therapist in your area. To get started visit www.theravive.com and enter your location.