Research and Outcomes

Let’s ALL Play has been instrumental in making our camp a place where truly everyone belongs. – Camp Director, Jewish Community Center

In partnership with the Center for Social Development and Education (CSDE) of the University of Massachusetts at Boston, we closely evaluate our Let’s ALL Play inclusive program model. These surveys, interviews and research enable us to make changes and enhancements as necessary to ensure the biggest benefit to all involved in our programs – children with and without disabilities, parents and staff.

Our outcomes include the following:

Counselor observations indicated for children with disabilities:

  • 84% showed moderate to high improvement in social skills
  • 82% showed moderate to high improvement in motor skills
  • 85% showed moderate to high improvement in self-esteem


Parent surveys from our Let’s ALL Play partners:

  • 89% of children with disabilities participated in most of all program activities
  • 83% of children with disabilities made a few to a lot of friends
  • 86% of programs asked parents for input regarding their child’s needs


2014 Partner Questionnaire

  • 96% made adaptations to their schedule, programming and/or equipment
  • 78% served more children with disabilities than in previous years
  • 70% were able to serve all children who applied


Because of Let’s ALL Play training, partners said their staff did more of the following:

  • 78% effectively solved specific challenges
  • 87% made adaptations to activities
  • 83% paid more attention to individual children