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As a national leader in the movement toward full inclusion, the National Inclusion Project is proud to partner with community organizations that are seeking to programmatically open doors for ALL children to learn, live, and play together. Through training, consulting, and funding, the Project will meet organizations where they are and help them to implement quality programs that impact children and families in their communities.  The National Inclusion Project will focus on programs that fulfill its mission.

To be eligible for a partnership, your program must be a non-profit or public organization. The National Inclusion Project is unable to support any for-profit programs.

Please read all the information carefully so you submit the best online inquiry possible.  Inquiries missing pieces of information will not be accepted.

Partnering Timeline

(for those seeking funding)

March-July: Programs submit an online inquiry.

Programs should receive a response within 2 business days of submission either inviting them to submit a full proposal or informing them that the inquiry does not fit within the scope of funding. (If you do not receive a response within 2 business days, please contact Aron Hall.)

The National Inclusion Project does not accept letters of inquiry through mail or email.

September: Programs will receive the full proposal packet.

September 30: Full proposals are due to the National Inclusion Project.

November: Proposals will be reviewed by National Inclusion Project representatives and the Board of Directors.

December-January: Organizations will be notified of the decision about their proposal either by letter or phone call.

The National Inclusion Project reserves the right to adjust the timeline as needed.


While worthwhile, the National Inclusion Project does NOT fund:

  • Organizations outside the United States.
  • Capital Expenditures including but not limited to play spaces, playgrounds, buildings, and equipment-only inquiries.
  • Advocacy Groups.
  • Programs that exclusively serve children with disabilities.
  • Adult Programs.
  • Medical or therapeutic expenses.
  • Scholarships for college attendance.
  • Programs where inclusion only occurs in a “buddy” or “mentor” model – i.e. children without disabilities provide peer modeling for children with disabilities.
  • Programs that are not fully inclusive. This includes programs where the siblings are the only group of children who are typically developing that are included and/or programs where children with special needs are a separate part of the program but are “mainstreamed” for parts of the program day.


Partnering Priorities

Let’s ALL Play

Funding Limit: $10,000/yr
Project Period: up to 12 months

Let’s ALL Play is the National Inclusion Project’s nationally-recognized signature program.  As such, it is the Project’s top priority.

Let’s ALL Play is the National Inclusion Project’s program model for recreational programs that are currently serving children with disabilities and wish to do it better or programs seeking to open doors currently shut to children with disabilities in their community. Let’s ALL Play includes successful modifications, inclusive games, and other information to successfully run a program of inclusion.

The National Inclusion Project looks to partner with programs which are looking to do the following:

  • Implement Let’s ALL Play.
  • Utilize the National Inclusion Project’s training module to increase their staff’s capability to serve children with disabilities successfully in an inclusive setting.
  • Provide scholarships for children with disabilities who otherwise could not participate due to financial need.

Partners will be eligible for funding for a maximum of three years but any partner award will be given on a year-by-year basis. A new proposal will be required each year.

Please check back March 2017 for the new cycle of inquiry!


Financial Assistance for Child Participation in Approved Inclusive Programs

If you are a service provider, please do not apply under this priority. It is solely for individual families.

Funding Limit: $1,000/yr
Project Period: up to 12 months

Financial assistance for a child to participate in approved inclusive programs. Any funding dispensed will be given to the approved program or organization. Families with a combined household income of less than $75,000 are eligible to apply. Upon submission, a National Inclusion Project representative will contact the desired program to determine if the program will successfully include the child in order to designate them as an approved program.

Recipients will be eligible for support for a maximum of two years. A proposal will be required each year.

We have already awarded the maximum number of individual scholarships for 2016. Please check back in 2017.


Inclusive Programs aimed at the Development of Best Practices Protocols and Strategies

Funding Limit: Will vary depending on program
Project Period: time of the program

Funding for inclusive programs that are aimed at the development and dissemination of best practices protocols and strategies. Programs should reach children, families, professionals and/or volunteers who are working currently or who are looking to move into inclusive settings in either educational or recreational fields. Please note that that the National Inclusion Project views that its expertise and involvement in such programs would be the request.  Supportive funding may be possible if the desired goals and outcomes of the program advances the mission of the National Inclusion Project.

Please contact Aron Hall, Director of Programs, to arrange a time to speak about your program.