I want to be involved!  What do I do?

First of all, thank you!  Your decision to support us with your time, energy, and creativity will increase the pace at which we will reach more and more communities with the benefits of inclusion.

The first thing that any individual can do to help promote inclusion is to create an open and welcoming atmosphere for all people wherever he or she goes.  The use of “People-first” language is an essential piece to changing still-existing bias.  When referring to a person with a disability, use phrases like “person with a disability,” “child with autism,” and “friend who uses a wheelchair” where the person comes before any description of their disability.  Also avoid archaic phrases like “handicapped,” “wheelchair-bound,” and “crippled.”

Bring Inclusion to Your Community

Let’s ALL Play provides the foundation and the framework for recreational programs to bring an inclusive experience to children in their communities. Through training, staffing, and scholarships, Let’s ALL Play gives children with disabilities the same experience as those without. Children with and without disabilities come together to participate in recreational activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, community service, physical fitness and more.

The goal of Let’s ALL Play is to assist organizations that serve children nationwide in moving toward full inclusion. Since 2004, the National Inclusion Project has worked with summer camp programs in several locations to develop the inclusive recreational experience for children with and without disabilities. Recreational sites now have as a resource a tested, successful, comprehensive program model supported through our training module.

One of the greatest advantages of Let’s ALL Play is that it is flexible enough to adapt to a variety of situations. Let’s ALL Play has been successfully implemented in YMCA programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, Parks and Recreation Departments, Community Centers, and privately-run camps in a mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas.  Most programs offer typical recreational program activities like sports, team-building games, arts and crafts, drama, and field trips. Directors have reported serving campers with a wide range of disabilities of varying severities including: intellectual and developmental disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, and physical disabilities.

You can introduce Let’s ALL Play to programs in your community by doing the following:

  1. Utilize the Volunteer Toolkit to introduce the National Inclusion Project and Let’s ALL Play to a program in your community.
  2. Purchase a Let’s ALL Play manual to donate to a program in your community.
  3. Host a Let’s ALL Play training in your area for a community program or programs.  Email Aron Hall for more information.